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Art in Kibera
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The Sanaa Foundation

Founded By Charles DeSantis

Sanaa means Art in KiSwahili and nods to the country that we first started art programming for the Smart, Beautiful and Important Children of Kibera. The Sanaa Foundation was started in October 2015.

Art in Kibera

The Art in Kibera program was founded by Margaret Halpin and Charles DeSantis in 2008. It's mission is to provide art creation and education to those in the greatest need in the informal community of Kibera.  Initially the program was developed to be delivered in a two week immersion that was lead by Margaret and Charles.  To ensure that this program became sustainable, it was transformed into the Kenyan for Kenyan model and brought on the Artistic Director Alex Njoroge, a Kenyan, to deliver this program on a monthly basis.  This program is currently delivered at its original School on a monthly basis to children at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School serving AIDS impacted children from Kibera.

Kibera Art Institute

To expand the opportunity for the Smart, Beautiful and Important children of Kibera to engage in art creation and enabling their voice, Charles DeSantis founded the Kibera Art Institute in 2013, The KAI takes place every weekend in the Kianda section of Kibera.  This program was developed with the Kenyan for Kenyan model having Kenyans lead and teach these great children.  Director David Odhiambo Dinda and Artist in Residence Faith Otieno  deliver art education to children from age 4 to 22 every weekend.

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